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Wallace's Purrfect Spots

This is a program of Wallace Properties, LTD to help promote rescues, fostering and adopting rescued animals. Tina Wallace, Managing Broker, founded Barriers Against Repeated Cruelty (BARC), to help abandoned, abused animals, end cruelty and enhance the human-animal bond.


Through working with BARC, it became evident than one of the biggest issues for many is finding rental properties that allow pets. Wallace’s Purrfect Spots advocates for pet-friendly housing for animals of all sizes and any breed. We will be highlighting some wonderful rescues throughout the year.

Contact us about available pet-friendly rentals.

Featured Rescues

Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance is a 501C3 organization rescuing & adopting out cats and dogs.  We are no-kill and want to promote a new way of  thinking about animals.  We have the following programs:

Adoption- we believe the quality of adoptions, not the quantity of adoptions is the important thing.  We try to find a highly suitable home for each animal so that they are placed in a Forever Home where they will receive good care and be cherished.

Intervention-  If a guardian believes they must relinquish their animal to a shelter for some reason, ie. landlord problems, behavioral issues, financial situation, etc.,  we want to first counsel them and find alternatives that will allow them to keep the animal. 

Rehoming- If Intervention is not possible and the animal must be adopted out to another family, we ask the current guardian to keep the animal in the home until we find a suitable adopter.  Using this method causes much less stress to an animal rather than having to adjust first to a shelter and then to another home.

Swift Response Network-  If a potential adopter sees an animal at an open-door shelter where it may be in danger of euthanasia, we have volunteers who, first screen the potential adopter for commitment to adopting and  working with the animal for whatever it takes, and then pull the animal from the shelter.  This saves many lives.

Animal Advocacy - volunteers who promote adoptable animals and monitor for rescue.

Be Fido’s Friend, NFP is a 501c3 organization founded in 2011 and is a 100% volunteer-run, foster-based, shelter-less rescue.  Our main objective is to make homeless dogs pets again.  We only take as many dogs into our program as we have committed foster homes AND resources to fully care for each dog’s individual needs.


Interested in FOSTERING to save a life? Visit our website for more information.

"Azrael's Place strives to bring luck into your life! We rescue shy and abused cats which are the most overlooked segment of cat population. Shy cats have such low odds of getting out of shelters alive that the ones we have are truly the embodiment of LUCK! And luck rubs on our loving ones ...hint...hint"